Doon Public School

About Doon Public School

Silent Features:

  1. We are providing an integratedd system in which Schoolin and preparation of competition facility will be in same campus
  2. Top-notch faculty from strong academic background with experience in effective competition coaching.
  3. Co-ordinated cource
  4. Faculty aspirant ratio would be low(1:15) for proper attntion an each and every aspirant
  5. Weakly test to assess the student's grassping of concepts.
  6. Healthy enviroment to avoid any kind of deviation.
  7. Regular attention of director of the school.

In recent years, there has been a spate of “Instant Schools” in every township of the country. It is because of increasing urbanisation, awareness of the need of education in all sectors of the Society, job requirements and a general desire to compete for and acquire modern necessities & Comfort of life. In fact, in the fast growing world of today for any indivisual, social, political of economic progress is unthinkable without education. Hence, there has been enormous pressure on already existing schools and the mushrooming of “Instant Schools”. Consequently, there has been an alarming deterioration in the quality of education. However, everyone curses the darkness , but is helpless to do anything. The state of Bihar is not an exception to it. The Children have potentials, but efforts have not been made to explore them.

It is rather ironical that education and instruction, seemingly synonymous, are not identical in approach.Most of those who have written about education have distinguishe, between instruction and education, Instruction is schooling or tution, education is much learning to know and apply. It is an act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge and developing the power of reasoning and judgement. It is in this area that the present day system of education hasmiserably failed. Schools have become specified cells of imparting knowledge and have failed to give the right education i.e. building of a sound character, development of skills, habits and attitudes.

Keeping in view all the facts as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, Doon Public School strives to achieve the following objectives in addition to the aims of learning is classroom.
(i) To make children aware of their culture and pressure all that is valuable there in.
(ii) To explore the inherent qualities of each child and to make use of most of them by providing him/her with wide and satisfying range of opportunities in and outside the school.
(iii) To stress on the development of child as rational human beings by developing their mind and making them more dynamic and thus helping them develop a balanced personality.
(iv) To promote high ideas of nationalism. (v) Prepare of Competition for Base Strong.